Theater Bus Rome

TEATRO BUS will pick up the students at 10am at the school and will transfer them to the roman ruins of Complutum, in Alcalá de Henares. During the trip, our friend Hippolytus and his companion Adriana will tell the travellers how life was in their city in the fourth century. Right after we will visit the House of Hippolytus (a leisure house in the outskirts of the city) and, afterwards, we will visit the Roman forum with the thermal baths, the basilica and the central streets of the Roman city. Your visit to one of the oldest archaeological sites in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula will be like a time travel of almost 2000 years. At around 1pm we will return to the school.

PRICE: €19 per student (min. 50 people).

THE PRICE INCLUDES Round trip transfer on board our TEATRO BUS, show during the outward trip, tickets for exhibitions and guided tours.

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