Alcalá World Heritage

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Alcalá World Heritage

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Promoción Turística de Alcalá is the awarded company responsible for making the municipal visits of Alcalá de Henares

Tour only in Spanish

  • When: 11.30 from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Where: Municipal Tourism Office of Plaza de Cervantes
  • Interiors: Corral de Comedias, Antezana Medieval Hospital, Birthplace of Cervantes, Archaeological Museum (Roman mosaics), Oidor Chapel, University and San Ildefonso Chapel with sepulcher of Cardinal Cisneros
  • Outdoors: Palace Square, San Bernardo Square, Main Street and Cervantes Square
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes approximately
  • Price: € 11 Cash payment in the tourism office
  • Reservations: Municipal Tourist Office 918892694

* The itinerary of the tours can undergo modifications according to the needs of the buildings. We can not be responsible for the changes in schedule and last minute cancellations.

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