Literary Alcalá

It is the most popular tour, also highly recommended for school groups. Includes: University of Alcalá, Corral de Comedias, Birthplace of Cervantes and Oidor Chapel.


2:30 hours.


  • Interiors: University of Alcalá, Corral de Comedias, Birthplace of Cervantes, Oidor Chapel.
  • Outdoors: Cervantes Square, San Diego Square and Facade of the University, Main Street (former Jewish quarter).


235 €. Individual supplement 8€

General conditions

  1. The itinerary of the tours can undergo modifications according to the needs of the buildings. We can not be responsible for the changes in schedule and last minute cancellations.
  2. Group price is for a maximum of 30 people, from this amount the individual supplement will be applied to each person over 30.
  3. The price is valid for groups in Spanish language and on working days.
  4. The supplement for weekend or holiday is € 20 per group for tour.
  5. The supplement per visit in language is € 30 per group for tour.
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