Main Street

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Considered the longest supported street in Spain, it is a perfect example of medieval urbanism that has survived to this day. Commercial place born under the protection of the different privileges granted by the archbishops of Toledo to Alcalá, in its medieval stage, the arcades were held by wooden feet, which, little by little, were replaced by columns and stone pillars between the XVI and XIX century.

Old Jewish quarter, there is abundant documentation on places where houses and places typical of the Hebrew culture and customs were, such as the Corral de la Sinagoga, which is accessed from a typical Jewish wall.

The main street also houses very valuable buildings, such as the old Hospital of Our Lady of Mercy, founded by the Antezana family in 1483 on which it was their residence, a beautiful Mudejar palace that is preserved and that is a magnificent example of this type of architecture.

Also in the most important street of Alcalá is another of the emblematic monuments of the city: the Casa Natal de Cervantes Museum; and very near, in the different streets that are born from the Major, places like the native house of Manuel Azaña, the Convent of the Image and the Theater Hall Cervantes.

Commercial street par excellence, its arcades give all kinds of shops, places of leisure and restoration, surviving as the heart of the Complutense life.

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